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1935 Avenue B

Billings, MT 59102


(406) 259 -9711


Growing as a follower of Jesus is a lifelong process. And while everyone's journey is different, it is deeper, more meaningful, and just more fun when it happens in relationship with others. One way to grow as a Jesus follower is to walk alongside others who are similarly committed to growing in prayer, study, fellowship, and conversation.

In December, Grace is offering two different short-term classes. Take time to read the descriptions and decide if one of them sparks something in you. If you would like more information, email Rev. Sarah (

Place: Grace United Methodist Church

Date: Wednesdays, Nov. 28-Dec. 19

Time:  7:00-8:15 pm

It's easy to get overwhelmed by suffering and injustice in the world. Sometimes as we hear about what's happening around us, we want to shut off or shut down. But what if we learned to engage with the painful parts of our life together in an attitude of prayer, listening for God's word and God's promptings? During Advent, join Rev. Sarah as we explore spiritual techniques for processing the issues of our time in ways that let God guide us, form us, and call us. Together, through prayer, music, scripture, and discussion, we will reflect on the ways we can be grounded in our faith as we engage with the difficulties of the world.

Place: Grace United Methodist Church

Date: Every Thursday morning

Time:  6:45-7:30 am


During Advent, Deborah Cox will lead a special Advent Prayer series. The series will include guided prayer, quiet time, and music. This group is open to anyone who wants to practice prayer and/or silent meditation and anyone who would like to learn more about incorporating prayer into their life.