Broken Marble

Be the Church everywhere

This moment in our lives is reminding us of something we always knew, but sometimes forgot - the Church is the people! Wherever we are, God is, and any place can be a place to connect with God. And at a time when connection seems hard, we want you to know that you can take church everywhere you go. You are not alone, we're here for you. Here are some resources to connect with God, and with us, wherever you find yourself.

Worship Everywhere

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Online Worship

Watch the Sunday morning services from our current worship series "Again & Again: A Lenten Refrain"


Curated Playlist

Allow this Spotify playlist of songs inspire you and connect you with worship.

Pray everywhere

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Daily Prayers by Text

Sign up below for daily prayer prompts sent to you by text.


Pray As You Go App

A daily prayer app with daily scripture, reflections and prayers.


Our Bible App

Progressive Christian theology in an app that has Bible studies, podcasts, and series on connecting life and faith.

Learn everywhere

Spend some time digging into the spiritual connections of faith and everyday life with these short film series from Work of the People. Choose a series from our library and use it for personal spiritual deepening on your own or with friends. New series will be added to the library monthly.

MLK challenged us to investigate the "ideational roots of our hate," and that's what author Joel Edward Goza opens up for us in this five-session series created around some of the themes in his book America's Unholy Ghosts

Access Series

Adventus: Joining a Hope that is Come is a 35 minute film with a handful of theologians and practitioners offering their thoughts on Advent, a season of being remade in the dark.  

This series is coming forward at a time when coming together is so, uh, important to say the least. These five films point to areas of fracture with ideas of how we can come together regardless of race, nationality, faith, sexual orientation, as one humanity for the healing of the world.