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1935 Avenue B

Billings, MT 59102


(406) 259 -9711


...that God reaches out to us in different ways.

God is the Source of all that is good and life-giving in the world. God is the Redeemer, who calls us into relationship with one another, known intimately and profoundly in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God is the Spirit guiding us, calling us, and equipping us to make a difference in the world and in each other's lives.

...that everyone is created by God, with gifts that enable them to make a difference in the world.

Everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic condition, or ability is a beloved child of God, created in the image of God, and gifted by God in ways that should be shared with the world. As a Reconciling Congregation, Grace invites all people to fully participate in the church and its ministries.

...that the ability to speak openly and honestly is a sign of a healthy faith community.

Grace's value of inclusivity and welcome does not mean that everyone always agrees. It means that when we disagree, we do so in the spirit of Christian love. Being a community isn't about thinking exactly the same way all the time, it is about speaking our truth in love, listening to one another, and being able to remain in relationship with one another even as we disagree. taking the Bible seriously.

The Hebrew and Christian scriptures are a complex, challenging, God-inspired unfolding of a relationship between human beings and the Holy. We believe that the Good News it contains matters most when it is lived out in ways that make people's lives better.

...sin describes the reality that the world is not as it should be.

Sin describes not only individual actions - the things we do or things we fail to do; it also describes the systems in society that perpetuate oppression, and the institutions (including, all too often, religious institutions) that support those systems.

...grace is the love, compassion, healing, and acceptance that God offers to us unconditionally and shows us through Jesus.

Grace is what changes people's lives (including ours) and it is what we desire most to share with others. reaching out to our neighbors in Billings and around the world in ways that make a difference in their lives.

We do this because we believe God has called us to it. We do it because we believe it's what Jesus did and we are trying to be like him.

...that the point of church isn't to make people better at religion..

It's to help people discover what God's love means for their life. It's about the journey toward realizing how much God loves you, and how you can share that love with others.'s easier to follow Jesus with friends than to do it alone.

We need each other. That's why we gather together to worship, pray, learn, and serve.