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People News - November 23, 2020

Birthdays in November

November 2 Ann Rollins, Sally McKenna

November 4 Miep VanKrieken

November 5 Carol Heath

November 17 Jerry Clark, Betty Furgason

November 30 Betty Scoles

Prayers for Rose Park School - students, staff, teachers, parents NonDriving Members: Faye Pierce and Mary Westwood Those with Health Concerns:

Maria Williams

Shirlee and Robert Morris

Ron & Karin Smith

Tom Shea

the Running Crane Family

Leland Cade

Bob Hawke

the Ken Lewis family

Betty Scoles

Jayden Lewis

Kyra and Kameron Buckley

Janis Shipley

Lila and Harold Bohrer

Jessy Running Crane

Jason Severeide

Sue Rollins

Miep Van Krieken

Mary Westwood

Brent Fowler

Linda Each week, Grace UMC will send out a brief email that lists the birthdays, anniversaries, and prayer concerns. Please let us know this information so we can publish!

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