March 26, 2017

Scripture - Luke 23:32-43

Sermon Title - "Communities of Forgiveness" (from the worship series "Roll, Down Justice")

Each time someone is baptized, the whole church body also makes vows. One of the things we promise is to be a community of love and forgiveness. Each day we must choose between letting the difficult things about life create resentment in us or allowing the work of forgiveness to make way for love.

Communitites of Forgiveness - Rev. Sarah Beck
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March 19, 2017

Scripture - Matthew 25:31-40

Sermon Title - "Representatives of Christ" (from the worship series "Roll Down Justice"

At our baptism, we promise to nurture others and are reminded that we are to serve as "Christ's representatives in the world." Today we ask the question, "do we as church look and act like Jesus?" What thoughts or behaviors do we need to shed in order to make room for hope and peace to grow in and through our lives?

Representatives of Christ - Rev. Sarah Beck
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March 12, 2017

Scripture - Psalm 13

Sermon Title - "Renouncing Evil" (from the worship series "Roll, Down Justice")

Over half of the liturgical songs of the Israelites are Psalms of Lament. Written in a time of exile and persecution, these were poets trying to give voice to the pain of the people. Today we lament the injustice of our time and we remember that even and especially in times of despair, through our baptism we are given the "freedom and power" to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in all its forms.

Renouncing Evil - Rev. Sarah Beck
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March 5, 2017

Scripture - Romans 8:31-39

Sermon Title - "Naming Each One" (from the worship series "Roll, Down Justice")

In our baptism ritual, we take a special moment to repeat the precious name of the person being baptized. Each one of us has been given the name "Child of God"  - an identity that cannot be taken away from us no matter what people (including ourselves) or the world says. 

Naming Each One - Rev. Sarah Beck
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