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Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, students from Rose Park Elementary  come to Grace to snack, play games, and engage in creative activities. The kids have the opportunity to learn new things (like woodworking, pottery, and even the card game cribbage!), make friends, and spend time with our faithful adult volunteers. An important part of GEEP's mission is to support the whole family (kids and adults), so the program is free of charge to parents.


GEEP Student Enrollment Form:

  • Complete our online form here OR download a PDF version and return to Joan S. in the Church office.


PLEASE NOTE: All applicants must be students at Rose Park Elementary enrolled in grades 1-5.

Ways to Support GEEP


Whether you play cards or basketball, paint, knit, or draw, can teach cooking or how to build a skyscraper or how to build a box, or if you're just willing to talk with young people about their lives, you are the kind of person we need to join us at GEEP. You will make a difference in the lives of the kids and find your own life enriched by any time you spend with our marvelous GEEP youngsters. To volunteer, contact Mary (

Make a Snack

When the kids arrive at Grace from school, the first thing on the agenda is a nutritious snack! Sign up once or volunteer to bring snacks once a month - any help is appreciated! To sign up for snacks, contact Mary (



Please keep our kids, their families, the volunteers, and the program in your prayers.

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