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October 2023

Updated: Feb 2

Greetings from Grace: This morning as I walked to the office, I was greeted by a dozen cars parked along the street. Fall has sat in, and Sharon Forman is happily greeting her yoga students as they enter the Fellowship Hall. I can’t believe how busy our building is starting to get. There is not a day of the week that at least something isn’t scheduled and many of these events are not church events, they are the work of the community.  Just this Summer we worked with a group of community members to be the host site of a new Narcotics Anonymous group that meets in our building two days a week. These groups have reached out to Grace because we have a reputation in our community for being an inclusive and safe place for all. 

Last month, I asked you to consider the question, “What can God do through me to make this ministry happen?” Individuals and groups have stepped up in countless ways to work on our building, cook meals, serve others, and engage in meaningful and thoughtful conversations. Our Community Learners Team recently met with the Principal at Rose Park Elementary to begin re-establishing a working relationship between the school and the church. Grace Quilters has moved rooms and found new organizations to give quality blankets to those in need. Our new Brushes of Grace art program had a very successful first class and is quickly filling up the next class in the series. Even last week we had guests from the Native American Outreach office who not only participated in Worship but also gave a great presentation during Fellowship.

All of this growth is exciting and presents us all with new opportunities to lead, serve, and grow. Unfortunately, before we can really begin dreaming about what needs to happen to our building for future ministry, we have a small matter to take care of. In a history that predates many of us who now attend Grace, leadership made the good decision to modify our church’s main entrance. The Narthex, as we now call it, stands as a symbol of our open spirits and a gateway into the important work we do in worship. And I believe it is time to retire that loan! 

With roughly $15,000 to go, I propose that this Christmas we rally behind our hope for a new future and enter 2024 as a debt-free church. Leadership is working diligently to ensure that we are making decisions not only for today but for the future of the congregation. It is our responsibility to ensure that the next generation of progressive and inclusive spiritual wanderers have a place to call home.

Will you join me in making a commitment to paying off the remainder of our loan by December 15th, 2023? With no loan payment, we can begin to save $500 a month for regular building maintenance and this will allow us the ability to begin dreaming about how we make changes to our building to be in ministry to the generations that will follow us. Maybe you are a regular giver or have never given, or you don’t attend church but believe in the work we do, either way, I invite you to consider making an end-of-the-year gift to help us tackle the $15,000 we have remaining on our loan.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Sam

P.S. When I first arrived at Grace the person who signed for our loan told me she wanted to make sure that it was paid off before she died. Now, I don’t think Gloria is planning on cashing in any time soon, but let’s all make sure that we don’t pass debt from one generation to the next! Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help us reach our goal! 

Give Online: (Select Loan Repayment)

Write a Check: Please make checks out to Grace UMC (memo: loan). Checks can be dropped off in the offering box or sent to the church office. 1935 Ave B Billings, MT 59102!

Grace & Peace

Pastor Sam

Rev. Samuel Beaves-Fisher | Office: (406) 259-8711

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