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November 2023

Updated: Feb 2

Greetings from Grace: The month of October has been marked by significant suffering around the world. Natural disasters have brought chaos to communities still in the process of rebuilding, another war has broken out (leaving many with complicated and mixed feelings), and now concerns about Islamophobia and antisemitism are growing within our very own communities. It is indeed a time, like many times before, when we feel lost, confused, and helpless.

It is in times like this, that I am reminded of what is in my control and what I must acknowledge is within God’s. I may only interact with a small sliver of creation, but I pray that all of my interactions bring goodness to the world. Perhaps in our state of despair, we should look to the things we can control. Call up that person you have been concerned about. Start recycling. Read to a child. Sign-up to be another overnight host for Family Promise. Sing in the Cantata! The world will always tell us that hope is a commodity, but in Jesus, we realize that HOPE is what keeps the world spinning! 

A member of the congregation sent me this beautiful poem recently written by Steve Garnaas-Holmes. I pray that it may be the balm you need to take a pause,  catch your breath, and simply be with your feelings and emotions for a little while. And when you are ready, put one foot in front of the other and love louder and louder. 

Dove of Peace - Steve Garnaas-Holmes

O Dove of Peace, among our weeping ruins, rise

and take your flight on bruised and battered wing,

for still we need your song, and still our anger cries—

and still you come to us, and still you sing.

O sing of gentle courage, sing to every soul

who rules on throne or hides in catacomb,

for to us all you come to heal and make us whole.

O Dove of Peace, bless us, and make in us your home.

O Breath of Life, you breathe in every wounded breast.

You breathe your peace alike in friend and foe,

for every child is holy, every soul is blessed;

and every fear your peace will overthrow.

O breathe your peace in us, let it become our way;

let us meet every trouble with good will.

O bear us on your breath of love and hope, we pray.

O Breath of Life, O Dove of Peace, be with us still.

Grace & Peace

Pastor Sam

Rev. Samuel Beaves-Fisher | Office: (406) 259-8711

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